Adventures in burlap, Part II

My mother is a master seamstress. She made our clothes when we were growing up. When I was in high school, I made a lot of my clothes. Often out of acetate (I was on a budget and it was shiny) and held together with safety pins and maybe staples. I actually had friends borrow clothes from me, staples and all.

Every time I would create a new ensemble my mom would wearily eye the construction, question whether it should lined, and wonder if I was in fact her daughter. Well here you go Mom.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. This, this simple pillow cover is your sewing opus? Yes. Because burlap is infamous for fraying, I sewed a lining to each panel going as far as to add french seams for extra support. So mom there it is. Quite possibly the most extra work I will put into something that no one will ever see. I will know. I will know when my cat discovers clawing this would be fun, that it will be more work for him. It will take hours rather than minutes to destroy and in that I will take pride.

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