Country Living

The one magazine I pour over like a child looking at the toy section of the J.C. Penny catalog, is Country Living. All the pictures are beautiful, everyone has goats - the perfect life. So when I moved to Indiana, I knew I would drive into Ohio for the Country Living Fair. 

Country Living now has three fairs every year with tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of vendors. Rest up. 

I bought some Garlic Rosemary and Strawberry Pepper Jelly from the Jelly Queens, some vintage company stamps (one of the things I collect) and a pillow with a pig on it. His name is Clive.

Next year, I"ll have to bring a bigger car. Antiques, crafts, demonstrations and some amazing pulled pork sandwiches. It made me want to embrace my ramshackle one bedroom apartment and make it my own miniature version of country living.

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