One more time

As I'm doing the homework (so much homework) for the Blogging Your Way class, I can't help but remember my Word Press blog.  Word Press ate my files and then sent to me to the faceless, unwashed masses of the user forum to find out what happened. Can't you just tell me. Look me in the eye. I loved you once.

I am trying to be open. Word Press and I have had some long talks, confronted some long standing issues and have decided to give it another try. I know I might me making a mistake leaving the simple security of Blogspot. I have to try, I hope you will support me. So again (and hopefully for the last time) my blog is moving to

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Catherine Bedson said...

Hi Marley,
I LOVE your new blog it looks great the way you have designed it.
I have the same relationship with wordpress it was always messing up on me so retreated to blogger. One day I'll make the big shift back to wordpress again. I'll see how it works out with you.
Hope you're enjoying the course I'm behind on everything because of my market preparations but hope to catch up this week!