Step One - AFYM

My first move in the AFYM is to create a dry river bed. The dirt that is removed from the bed is being placed in random piles around the yard. The rocks that will eventually fill the river bed are being taken from the brick front bed (shudder).

The great thing about a project like this other than I can have a bacon cheeseburger and know I've earned it, is that it's imperfections will actually benefit its appearance. No levels and no plumb lines. Just me, a shovel, a wheel barrow and after 20 minutes, a rocking chair.

I am glad I took Mark Twain's advice and ate the big frog first because:
  1. If I do nothing else, I have accomplished something significant.
  2. It sets the tone for the rest of the yard.
  3. It creates an infrastructure (through the piles of dirt and partially empty front brick bed) to build upon.
We've had a lot of rain lately so I am letting Mother Nature position the rocks exactly where she wants them. It was a ton of work, but don't worry I got fries too.

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