Step 2

Step 2: Be flexible

After a few days in the simplicity project, I discovered I simply could not follow through on step one. I was in fact probably getting more from what I was reading, but I was no longer allowing myself to have an escapist read. So I revised step one to two books at a time. Now I can switch between my predictable cozy mystery and whatever heady non-fiction I am currently interested in. Whew. I'm glad I decided to remain flexible.

Last night I began The Freedom Manifesto by Tom Hodgkinson. Already I am on page 95 and am considering finishing the book today. That seems like a good way to spend the Saturday. As I was reading, I realized that I am not striving for simplicity as much as purity, an undiluted life.

Many things dilute my life like junk mail, sheets for beds I no longer own, and TV. It is the difference between having a Diet Coke (which I drink constantly) and having a raspberry cooler made with fresh raspberries, a simple syrup, seltzer and a sprig of rosemary. It's not necessarily simpler, but much more delicious.

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