Sparkroot on a Sunday

There is nothing better than having your best friend move back to town. Nothing except spending a Sunday with her. We went to the antique fair. All the vendors were packing up. I can't blame them, it was hot. We left with an anteater (T's), a chair (mine) and a MERGE sign (mine).

Then we visited Crafted's new, incredible location. They were closed but Therese let us in to look around, and talk and talk and plan. At least two great things will be happening there soon.

For lunch we hit Sparkroot downtown. T had the quinoa kale salad with an avocado dressing. I had a brie, apple, fig and walnut panini. We sat on a couch on the second floor watching both the traffic and the other diners. All in all a great day.

P.S. That top picture isn't T. It was a girl sitting in front of us at Sparkroot.

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