I have a confession. Two actually. I've watched All My Children since college. I share that because people often think I'm snooty about films and TV. I am.

The other more important confession is that this is my front yard. Note the total lack of excitement and interest. Actually in this photo the brick of my house looks amazing, but disregard that.

Pros and cons of my yard
  • It is big
  • It is flat
  • Most of it is in full sun (full Tucson sun is equivalent to actually being on the Sun)
  • The big shade tree is dying
  • The bricked front bed (shudder)
  • A lot of river rock
  • Trees sprout randomly
  • Traffic noise
  • Relatively weed free
  • Plenty of parking for guests
Since the weather is cooling down and I can go outside without sneezing myself into an asthma attack, I am starting on the yard. Unlike the many previous times I've started, I am putting absolutely no money into this. Let's see where some sweat and a little ingenuity takes us.

Join me for the:

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