peaches and pistoleers

I woke up with wanderlust and a palpable need to make peach jam. In Southern Arizona there is only one place to go.
Willcox, Arizona is the birthplace of Silver Screen cowboy Rex Allen. It is also the place we head for pick-it orchards, magnificent pie and a quirky, little bookstore.

The Friendly Bookstore has a varied selection of books, honey and bee pollen. They have a large collection of what they call "Collector's Books" which are very old and random. I've gotten a French Algebra book from the 50's as well as Who's Who of American College Students 1931.

It's important to note that prices fluctuate greatly in Willcox. When I checked out at the Friendly Bookstore I was charged $1.85. I pointed out that I had two books at $1.00 each. They corrected my bill to $3.60.

Down the street at Buckshot Thrift, I pulled on the door before I saw the Closed on Saturday sign. The owner poked his head out and said he would be happy to open the store for me and in fact it was half price day. 2 sweaters, a shirt and a jacket (half price) later I headed to Apple Annie's one of the many orchards surrounding Willcox.

LinkI bought peaches, apples and an apple smoked hamburger I ate in the orchard.

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