tripod lamp

Last weekend I went on a DIY interior design jag. When I researched making a tripod lamp, the directions I found were "This is so easy you don't need directions." That's a lie. It is pretty easy, but I think it is important to tell you what I discovered along the way.
The tripod I bought has a small base with three screw holes and one screw to hold unto the camera. The screw that fits a camera is much smaller than a lamp kit base. For my lamp I needed to by a threaded nipple (a long cylinder that screws into the lamp kit), a converter (a small piece with a small threaded side and a wide threaded side) and a cap (this connects the converter to the nipple). All of these pieces were available in the lamp section of a small hardware store. The associate rethreaded (he went into the back and did something) that made the thread on the small side of the converter thinner so they corresponded with the threads on the tripod screw. Then and only then, was I successfully able to piece it together.

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