Ways you amaze me

Sometimes I skip past the most obvious thing and go to something much harder. I went on a lino-cut jag last year. Frantically gouging my linoleum blocks while I was half folded under the coffee table. My breath catching as I put my inked block on my printing surface, waiting to see if it worked. Sucker. This weekend, I grabbed a slab of Easy Carve by Speedball and went to town. Using the same lino cutting tools I was able to crank out successful stamp after successful stamp which I could use acrylics to print with. Oh wonders be. Using a pencil I wrote/sketched what I wanted to make with heavy pencil lines.

Turning the paper over onto the Easy Carve, I burnished the back of the paper with my finger and ended up with a reverse image like this. Using my smallest "v" gouge I carved away the Easy Carve (very easy) and cut out my stamp from the slab. The Easy Carve is crumbly when you cut it.

Two colors of acrylic paint and my stamp is complete. It looks so much like my actual handwriting. I also made one that says "Ways to Change the World", two lists I need to get right on.

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