Reading is Fundamental

Last week I discovered I am woefully under read. I've only read 10 of the Modern Library's List of the 100 Best Novels (the Board's List) and only 1 of the Modern Library's Best Nonficition Books (the Board's List). I fared much better on the Guardian's 100 Greatest Novels of all Time (thank you multiple centuries), but still ended up with 200 unread great books. Using the time honored scientific process of going through the list and picking titles I like, I compiled a list of 31 books I will read in 2011. They span from the voluminous (1536 pages) Clarissa by Samuel Richardson to The Periodic Table by Primo Levi. The complete list is on the sidebar.

Reading changes me. It expands my thinking, broadens my world and spurs my curiousity. I hope that by reading this span of books I will discover new things about myself and the world I help create.

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